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21 Aug

Treasured Gifts from India

Treasured Gifts from India - Munnar Tea GardenPlanning for a trip to India often begins months in advance.  But once we are there in India regardless of being a returning expatriate or a tourist, it is a rushed and often haphazard affair shopping for gifts for family and friends in the USA.

India is famous for handicrafts and handloom goods, the varieties are dazzling.  But there is only limited baggage allowance that your gifts which have to share space with your own personal belongings.  If you happen to be like my husband who gets very confused while buying gifts, here are some ideas that are sure to please.




16 Aug

Raksha Bandhan – the Tie of Protection

Raksha Bandhan – the Tie of ProtectionRaksha Bandhan falls on August 7th, 2017, it is celebrated on the full moon in the month of Shravan (August) according to the Hindu calendar. It’s that time of year when sisters tie a rakhi (sacred, decorative thread) on their brothers’ arm and pray for their long life. This act symbolizes the sister’s love and prayers for her brother’s well-being, and his lifelong vow to protect her. Raksha Bandhan is a widely celebrated festival across India and around the world.

28 Sep

Traveling to India for Diwali?

Asian_Indian_Family_Diwali_CelebrationDiwali (”The Festival of Lights”) is one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated throughout the globe. If you are planning to travel to India during Diwali, you will experience lots of fun and excitement. During Diwali, all of India is decorated with lights. People worship the Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of wealth), light firecrackers, wear new clothes, and exchange gifts and sweets. Diwali is the time when families and friends meet, and if you are planning to visit India during Diwali, here are some tips for you.