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Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Today is our first sightseeing day in Dubai. We sleep in late after our flight from the United States. Following a lazy brunch, our driver dropped us off at the desert camp outside of Dubai city.

We switched over to a Toyota Land Cruiser for our first sand dune bashing. Wow, just like a theme park ride in Disney World but on sand dunes. Our driver drove up and down; again and again on this natural roller coaster. My heart kept falling off when the car slid down the dunes. The setting sun brought out the golden glow of the desert sands.

Next, a camel ride! Once I overcame the fear of heights. I did not know the camels are so friendly and easy to handle. Oh, what an eye opener to watch the sunset while riding a camel. There was a long line for the ATV rides, I detoured and went for henna tattoos on my hand. Then, just in time to take a photo with a falcon.

The camp was well orchestrated, we had our own assigned table for dinner. There were lot of choices of BBQ meats, kebabs, lentil curries and plenty of vegetarian dishes. The belly dancing and flame blower performances ease us into the Arabian culture.

When it was all over our driver met us outside the camp and we drove under the starry desert sky on an uneventful trip back to the hotel.

Pros tips:

  • Book your ATV ride in advance to skip the ticket line
  • Immediately after sand dune bashing, head for the camel ride before the crowd.

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