Travel To Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The best reasons to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be found in each of its 7 Emirates, all of which offer their own unique experiences and hold numerous world breaking records. Here tourists can shop at the biggest shopping mall in the world, see the only 7 star hotel on the planet and still visit exuberant displays of architecture for a better grasp of a country. As fast as this country is growing, it’s amazing how they are still able to hold onto their cultural roots.

Everyone in the world has heard of Dubai, and for many it’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE’s capital) that are the main reasons to visit. These are must-see destinations to experience and really embrace in one’s lifetime. Create memorable moments at the first Ferrari branded theme park in the world as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tops it off with 37 record-breaking rides & attractions for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

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Recommended Journeys To Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

5 Days from $1,14 per person 

The best reasons to visit the UAE can be found in each of its 7 Emirates, every Emirate has its own unique experiences and replete with luxurious World Record attractions. The UAE offers a mixture of tradition and novelty that can rarely be found anywhere else.

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United Arab Emirates Expedition

7 Days  from $1,725 per person ✦
Mar 24-31, 2020 from $2,060 pp ✦ 
Sep 24-Oct 1, 2020  from $1,785 pp ✦ 

Be amazed by the gleaming skyscrapers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the remarkable oases in the desert, the mighty peaks in the mountains and sublime gulf beaches, and experience the heart-warming legendary Bedouin hospitality.

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Best of Dubai

4 Days from $495 per person

This tour features unbelievably tall and majestic buildings that rise dominantly out of the desert sands and gleam beside the sparkling blue Persian Gulf. Last but not the least there is Dubai’s rich history and cultural heritage. There’s something for every type of traveler to enjoy.

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