Travel to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a relatively small yet incredibly diverse nation. It is an outstanding destination for good food, adventure and pure relaxation. This country is an island off the southeast coast of India and is bursting with cultural heritage like you wouldn’t believe. It’s cuisines are mouthwatering with spices and influences from countries from around the globe. There are numerous ancient cities to visit and no matter where you turn, you will face many fantastic architectures and many historically significant landmarks.

With leopards, elephants, whales and birdlife in abundance – Sri Lanka is also a wildlife lover's paradise.

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

In terms of the weather, the best time to visit the west and southwest of Sri Lanka, including the hill country, is October to March. For the eastern side of Sri Lanka, you’ll get the best weather from April or May to September.

In general, the temperature averages 79F/26C – 86F/30C on the coast and the lowlands. It becomes cooler as you travel to higher elevations. At Kandy, you can expect temperatures of 65F/18C – 72F/22C. The hill country, like Nuwara Eliya, is 57F/14C - 61F/16C. Temperatures in the hills can drop to almost freezing at night, so make sure you pack extra layers of clothing.

Recommended Journeys to Sri Lanka

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7  Days $1,095 ($2,390) per person 

Visit five UNESCO world Heritage Sites all in one week!

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Paradise of Sri Lanka

12 Days $2,210 ($3,465)  per person 

Stunning scenic train ride, golden beaches with heritage & ocean activities.

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Sri Lanka Adventure

12 Days $2,200 ($3,465) per person 

Asian-safari experience with golden beaches & historical wonders.

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Highlight of Sri Lanka

4 Days $995  per person 

Mini trip highlights some of the unique wonders of Sri Lanka.

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