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Maldives Tours

Travel To The Maldives

Stunning white-sand beaches, fabulous underwater world and world-class luxury resorts make the Maldives a dream vacation of a lifetime. This small island nation is located in the Indian Ocean about 700 miles southwest of India.


Almost every one of the 1200 islands of the Maldives offers soft white sand beaches with sparkling cyan-blue water.


The clear and warm waters offer one of the best snorkelling and diving environments. Go below the reefs, to be surrounded by dazzling coral walls, magnificent caves and schools of brightly colored tropical fish from manta rays, turtles, sharks to whale sharks.


This glamorous tropical getaway is a perfect sanctuary for honeymooners, tired world-trotters and everyone else. Relax in breath-taking ambience, being pampered in the hands of trained professional therapists.

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Our Recommended Journeys


Innahura Maldives Resort

10 Days 6 Nights from $2,760 per person
📣   Special Departure Oct 5 (Tuesday) – Oct 14, 2021 (Thursday). Offer Ends August 23

Treat yourself to an All Meals & Airfare trip to a stunning 4-star private island getaway in the middle of the great Indian Ocean. Great for families and honeymooners.

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Maldives Paradise Stopover

4 Days from $640 per person

A brief stopover on a stunning private island in the middle of the great Indian Ocean. Just relax or chase underwater adventures. White sandy beaches, turquoise lagoon and more…

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Snorkeler diving along Maldives Indian Ocean coral reef

Maldives Paradise Bliss

6 Days from $1,035 per person

Treat yourself to an amazing private island vacation. Go on a deep-water or a snorkeling expedition, kayaking and more. Rejuvenate with spa therapy or just relax. Great for families and honeymooners.

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When is the Best Time To Visit The Maldives?

The best weather is from December to March when there is little rain, low humidity and sparkling blue skies. However, do expect higher prices during Christmas and New Year. April is a great shoulder season with hotter temperatures and great weather. From May to November storms and wet weather is more likely.