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When is the best time to travel?

The best time to visit India is from October to March. India is a large country with diverse weather patterns. The Himalayas stop cold winds from reaching most of India so winters remain warm, however summers are very hot. The majority of India is tropical and is affected by three main seasons; summer, winter and monsoon.

Please keep in mind airfares are more expensive during the peak seasons of the summer and winter holidays.


How far in advance should I make a reservation?

Airfares fluctuate dramatically these days. Generally, the ideal time to make your reservations is about 5 – 6 months before your planned travel date. Also, some tours sell out quickly, an earlier booking gives us the opportunity to ensure your spot on the tour and find the best airfares for you. For the peak season (winter vacation), we suggest booking 6-8 months in advance.


What is private guided tour? 

You can form a private guided tour for you, your family and friends.  Choose the departure date that suits your schedule.  Your private tour will an assigned driver, vehicle and guide(s).


How many travelers can I expect on a tour?

Occasionally we offer small group tours with a special price.  The maximum size of the group depends on the season and destination. On average it is around 12 guests and no more than 20.

If you have questions about the group size for any specific departure, please do not hesitate to ask us.


I’m ready to go! How can I reserve a trip with you?

Contact us after choosing your itinerary and dates from our website. Please note: passport names for all guests are required by local and airline regulations.

If your requested space is available, you will receive a formal quotation via email (usually within 1 business day). Your reservations will be held until the deadline date shown on your quotation. Reservations can usually be held for 2-7 days, depending on airline policies and availability

After reviewing your quotation, simply follow the included payment instructions to purchase your tour.

Once payment is received, you will receive your electronic travel documents within 3 business days. If you have airline reservations with us, you will also receive your airline e-ticket confirmations in your travel documents. Two weeks before departure, you will be emailed a friendly reminder confirming your travel plans.


I’ve received a quotation, but the price is not the same as the one posted on the site. Can you tell me why?

We love to save our guests money! We will always look for the lowest available airfares at time of booking. However, please understand airline seats tend to sell out as we near the departure date and airfares may therefore increase.


What are the terms of payment?

We require full payment to confirm a booking. For payments, major credit cards are accepted.

To see complete details, please refer to the “Terms and Conditions” on our website.


I am purchasing an air and land package. Can I accumulate mileage for the airline reservations I have made with you?

Airline mileage policies and agreements are continuously updated; unfortunately we cannot guarantee if our special private airfares will qualify for mileage accumulation. If you have any questions, please check with us at time of booking.

If you would like us to note your airline reservations with your mileage account information (even if no miles accrue), please let us know and we will be happy to do so.


How about airline mileage upgrades?

Generally, mileage or seat upgrades are not available for our special private fares. You may wish to purchase airline tickets yourself in order to apply for mileage or seat upgrades.


I am preparing to pay for my reservation and have been told copies of the passports are required to finalize the reservation. Can I avoid this requirement?

Hotels in various countries may be required by local laws to register the details of each foreign guest. Airlines and airport security require the ticketed names match the passports. Accordingly, passport details are required in order to expedite check-in, minimize errors during the reservations process, and for name verification on airline reservations.


Passports & Visas: Is a visa required? How much can I expect to pay for a visa?

Many countries require travelers to have at least 6 months of validity remaining on their passports at time of entry. If your passport is expiring soon, please make sure to renew it before finalizing your travel plans.

The following destinations do not require visas for USA/Canadian passport holders: Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand. For India, a tourist visa is required for all USA Passport Holders. An Electronic Visa is available via the Indian Embassy / Consulate in the USA. For more details, please refer to the Visas section of our travel information center here.

In addition, please remember to check visa requirements if you are stopping over in other countries on the same trip. For non-USA passports, please check with your local consulate or embassy for precise details on visa requirements for each country visited.


I am traveling with my kids. Is a discount available?

A child must be at least 16 years old at the time of travel to be on our tours.
For a family with child (at least 5 years old at the time of travel), we can arrange a private tour with the same itinerary except some activities. If a child is sharing the same room along with 2 Adults, triple occupancy may be available.  Please contact us to ensure your family has the best experience.


Are your tours senior friendly?

We believe in providing our guests with the best possible value from the start without unnecessary haggling or markups. If you have a moment to compare our prices and quality against other similar products on the market, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see our packages still come out to be at least 30% more affordable than most others. This means all our guests automatically qualify for our standard low rates, but we regret extra discounts are not available.

Furthermore, we believed in leisurely paced and comfortable tours for your best experience, for both seniors and for people who want to pause to smell the roses.


What does “double-occupancy” mean?

We provide two rates. Double occupancy means that you will be sharing a room with another guest, i.e. ‘double occupancy’. Single occupancy means that you have your own room. Our standard room configuration is a “TWN” room type with two full-size (or larger) beds per room. In case you prefer a different room configuration (e.g. a queen or king bed), please let us know. Availability will depend on each hotel and is different for each destination, but we will certainly try our best to accommodate you.


I have an odd number in my party; can you accommodate 3 adults in one room?

Certainly! Triple room arrangements are available. Each hotel is different, but for most of our hotels in India, this means you will be accommodated with an additional rollaway bed in a standard room. Keep in mind rooms in India may be smaller than what you may expect from hotels in other countries, so please consider which arrangement would work best for your personal preferences. Please contact us for the triple room price.


I plan to join the tour on my own, what would be my cost?

Please see the price for single occupancy for each tour package. .


My quote for a tour is not the same as a friend who reserved the same tour. Why is that?

The tour price might be affected by the booking date, the number of occupants in a room, and the air fare at that time. We offer the TripCompanion Price Assurance which ensures that you always pay the lowest published price for a particular departure date. We find the best airfare available at the time of booking, however airfares may increase due to less availability nearer the departure date. In addition air ticket related taxes or fees might increase and are dictated by the relevant government agency or airport authority.


I paid by credit card and my statement shows multiple transactions. Can you tell me why?

If you booked a land-based tour package together with air flights with us, your credit card transaction may be split into separate charges: namely, the airline charges and the land tour charges.


I would like to visit a specific place in India but it is not in your itineraries. Can you arrange a special tour for us?

If you plan on visiting other destinations that are not included in our itineraries, we recommend to take advantage of our tailor made and cost-effective add-ons to extend your trip either before or after the tour. This way you can benefit from the best of both worlds. You can experience our great tour and also explore your additional destinations on the same journey!


Should I purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended. You should consider coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Baggage loss or theft, Medical Expenses and Evacuation. Please inquire with your travel agent or travel insurance company.