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21 Feb

5 Tips for Making A Connecting Flight

Smart traveler has a great connecting flight game plan and a reliable flight companion.

My last flight from San Francisco to Mumbai via Istanbul was rather exciting even though I was on a one-stop flight and my luggage had been checked to the final destination.   I had a two-hour transit at Istanbul airport, which seemed to be plenty of time to make the connection.  Unfortunately my flight from San Francisco left late due to a rain storm in the Bay Area.  That left me only 20 minutes at Istanbul to rush from arrival gate to the departure gate for my connection.

19 Oct

Narita Airport: Terminal 1

aeroplane-ANA-787My trip back to the USA through the Narita International Airport (Terminal 1) was very nice!

For those with a long layover in the terminal, Terminal 1 offers some nice amenities, such as free access to power (got to charge those devices!), pay phones, free Wi-Fi, good souvenir shopping, fresh food, massage chairs at the gates, fabulously clean restrooms and special rooms for families/medical needs, and a properly smokey (and fairly crowded) smoker’s room.

3 Sep

How I Relaxed in Changi Airport During a Long Layover!

Changi Airport-Singapore-SkytrainWhen your family lives on different continents, a family get together makes cross-country Thanksgiving travel seem trivial.

The last time we returned to Penang, Malaysia, we had a short transit in Hong Kong and then flew into Changi Airportthe World’s Best Airport 2014–in Singapore just after midnight. We had an early morning connecting flight to Penang, Malaysia. We were looking at a long 8-hour layover, which is not long enough to be worthwhile to book a hotel away from the airport.

10 Jul

Yoga on the Go in the Airport

Our travel expert does yin yoga in SFO airport yoga room during her transit. Yoga at the airport is a great way to reduce stress during long flight. You get off your long flight and schlep your carry-on bags off the plane. You are stiff and still have another flight that boards in two hours from a nearby gate. What can you do in the airport other than sit at the next gate? If you are lucky enough to land at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), you can pop out your yoga mat (or use a complimentary one) and do some salutations to the sun and downward dog postures in their fabulous yoga room for FREE!

23 Mar

How to Make the Most of Your Airport

Family at Airport


Today’s airport is much more than the building where you check-in, board an aircraft, and retrieve your luggage. It is not uncommon for large airports to offer a variety of services and shops that can enhance not only your comfort, but they add convenience (save you money and time) and address the safety of everyone.

When you travel with a companion who has used the airport before, you have an experienced guide to help you navigate services that might make your journey easier.