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10 Jul

Trip to the Land of Dreams

Asian Indian woman fulfilled her dream to visit Disneyland, CADisneyland is the land of dreams with all its famous imaginary characters. Since my childhood days in India I’ve always wanted to visit Disneyland, and finally my dream came true this summer. We went to Disneyland along with my 63 year old mother and 3 year old daughter, and of course no trip is complete without my husband. We planned way ahead and had lots of fun during the trip.

16 Nov

Packing with Children

Packing with Children

The holiday season is around the corner and it’s time to meet our family and friends. Many of us will be traveling out of the country, and some of us might be traveling alone with kids. Therefore, if you are traveling alone and need a helping hand, consider hiring a travel companion. There are many steps to getting ready for your trip. These include planning the trip, purchasing tickets, making reservations and finally packing.  In addition, if you are traveling with kids then you need to do some extra planning.

2 Nov

Snack Ideas for Kids on International Flights

aircraft gangway-changi airport-singaporeInternational travel can be tiring and exhausting especially if you are traveling alone with kids. Last year I traveled with my 7-month old infant daughter, and later realized that maybe I could have packed some snacks to make my trip even more worry free.  I have shared with you my experience of traveling with small children in my last blog, see https://tripcompanion.com/blog/traveling-with-small-children/, so let’s discuss the variety of kid-friendly snacks we can carry on flights.

27 Aug

Traveling with Small Children

Child-AirplaneLast year I traveled to India with my 7-month-old daughter to attend my brother’s wedding. I was excited, but at the same time worried about traveling with an infant. As a new mom, I needed to make sure that I had everything planned and ready for the trip, so that my little one could experience her first flight as comfortably as possible. I talked to my friends who had also traveled with infants and made notes. I made a list of all the things required for the trip. I bought some items and borrowed the rest from my friends.