14 Jun

Why You Should Cook While You’re Traveling

One of my favorite travel activities is to take a cooking lessons during the trip. Have you noticed the subtle differences between curries from different countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and India? Not to mention the variations in color and taste in the palette of red, yellow, white and green curries? How about the difference among rice dishes from Italy, Spain, China and Vietnam? You can learn by watching cooking shows on TV and reading cook books. But there is nothing like learning cooking from a local expert!

Here are my top five reasons why you should don an apron and roll up your sleeves on your next trip.

10 Mar

5 Awesome Reasons to Fall In Love With Vietnam

With lots of everything from stunning landscapes to fascinating history, epic cuisine and pulsating energy, Vietnam is a feast for the senses and dazzles you from all angles. Peaceful paddy fields give way to frenetic urban centers like Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi. Boutiques fill the French colonial buildings in the enchanting old quarters of the big cities. Around Vietnam, lush jungles and jagged karst peaks beckon the adventurous.

16 Jan

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a relatively small yet incredibly diverse nation. It is an outstanding destination for great adventures, good food and pure relaxation. This country is a teardrop shaped island off the southeast coast of India that is bursting with cultural heritage like you wouldn’t believe. Its cuisines are mouthwatering with spices and influences from countries from around the globe. There are numerous ancient cities to visit, and no matter where you turn you will see spectacular wildlife, lush green tea plantations and an innate sense of luxury. It’s no surprise that Sri Lanka is on everyone’s bucket list.