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Travel To England and Scotland

England and Scotland have a rich and diverse history, dating back to prehistoric times. You can visit ancient monuments like Stonehenge as well as amazing medieval castles, historic cathedrals, and charming villages. You can also learn about the great kings and queens, famous wars and battles, renowned legends and myths that shaped these countries.

England and Scotland have vibrant and cosmopolitan cities where you can experience the culture, art, music, and cuisine of these countries. You can visit famous landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, and the London Eye. You can also enjoy fantastic museums, galleries, theaters, festivals, and nightlife in cities like London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Their peoples have a unique and quirky charm that makes them appealing to visitors. You can enjoy the cozy pubs, afternoon tea, fish and chips and soccer matches. The musical heritage ranges from The Beatles to Adele, the accents from Cockney to Scottish, and the humor from Monty Python to Ricky Gervais.

Our Recommended Journeys

Discover Scotland by Train

7 Days: Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow from $1700 per person

This delightful journey ventures into the dramatic landscapes of Scottish lochs and islands, and explores soaring cathedrals and ancient castles.

‣ Classic from $1700

‣ Premium from $1875

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England & Scotland Explorer by Train

9 Days: London, Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Skye, Glasgow from $2600 per person

Embark on a meticulously crafted tour of England and Scotland. From the vibrant capital city of London to the breathtaking Scottish realm, witness dramatic landscapes adorned with lochs and islands, while exploring majestic cathedrals and time-honored castles.

‣ Classic from $2600

‣ Premium from $2890

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Discover England Train

10 Days: London, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, Manchester from $3,000 per person

Discover England’s cultural gems! London’s landmarks, Oxford’s academia, Stratford’s Shakespearean charm, York’s medieval allure, and Manchester’s vibrant blend.

‣ Classic from $3000

‣ Premium from $3440

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Southern England (Custom Quote)

9 Days: London, Bath, Cotworlds, Oxford from $3000 per person

Visit the top destinations, from the vibrant capital city of London, the Roman era wellness destination of Bath, the charming Cotswolds countryside and Shakespeare’s home town to the ancient university town of Oxford.

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London Stopover

4 Days: London, Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehenge – Price upon Enquiry

Explores the top attractions of London including Big Ben, the London Eye and more. Enjoy a delightful Dinner Cruise on the River Thames and visit the royal Windsor Castle, mystical Stonehenge and the historic city of Bath.

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When is the best time to visit England & Scotland?

The best time to visit England and Scotland is from late spring to early fall, enabling you to make the most of sunshine and warmer weather, especially between May to June and September to October.

However, this is also the peak season for travel, so you can expect lots of visitors and higher prices.

If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy lower rates then consider traveling out of season e.g. between March and May or September and November.