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20 May

Don’t Miss Out on The Great Moments of Your Life

This is graduation month and a time for a celebration with the whole family!  Time for family trip.

This is graduation month and a time for a celebration with the whole family!

A newly met acquaintance shared this story.  Her niece graduated from Medical School last week.  As traditionally done, she could have nominated a family member (who is also a doctor) to perform the hooding ceremony instead of the Dean of the school.  Since she had been inspired by her grandfather, now a retired physician, to become a medical doctor it would have been such a joy for him to perform the hooding.

18 Mar

Tips for Flying with Senior Travelers

Travel tips for elderly parents to ensure a stress-free flight while they fly across the country or world, as well as request special services for senior traveler in advance.Traveling in a group is always fun. Whether you are traveling with your parents or your children, you should always try to make your trip memorable.  However without adequate preparation trips can be hectic and tiring.  When planning for international travel or long flight with your aging parents, consider taking extra steps to ensure that they are comfortable and happy during the trip.

27 Nov

Essential Mobility Aids For Senior Traveler

parents travel to USA-air travel-mobility-walking stick- walker-transport chair-wheelchair.When your parents are planning for air travel, you should also assess their mobility situation.  Many seniors are no longer as agile as in their younger days. Airports are getting larger, with multiple terminals and long walks to and from the boarding gate, which the seniors may find tiring.  If possible, using smaller airports would reduce the amount of walking needed within the terminal.  Knowing the layout of the airport, you should assess the appropriate level of support for them and learn what sorts of assistance may be needed.

12 Apr

Helping Your Aging Parents from Afar

Helping your aging parents from afar Do you want to help your aging parents but don’t live close by?  Often older folks find it daunting to deal with everyday issues such as clarifying bills or insurance questions or making arrangements with caregivers.  If you were there, next to your parents, all these things would be ironed out in no time.  Both you and your parents would be on the same page regarding any paperwork or household arrangements, giving you peace of mind.

18 Jan

Reminder About US Customs When Our Parents Visit The USA

Chinese Sausages-Chinese New Year In addition to being excited to see our parents again when they visit us in the USA, we also look forward to the favorite foods and spices they bring, which are hard to find here.  However, it is important to remind them that meat products and fresh fruits are not allowed to be taken to the USA. They should not try to sneak any onboard, even though they think they are doing us a favor. 

12 Jan

A Helping Hand For Our Parents Visiting The USA

We always look forward to our parents or in-laws visiting us in the Flight Companion, A Helping Hand For Our Parents Visiting The USAUSA.  Looking back on their first visit, there were concerns about their journey and as well as going through the immigration formalities.  You can image the anxiety on both sides of the ocean.  Even if they have already done a consular interview and have a visitor visa with their passports, it is important for our parents to answer to the immigration officer honestly that the purpose of the trip is for a short term leisure visit.