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27 Jan

Travel Companion In-Flight Guide

Travel Companion In-Flight GuideBefore the Aircraft Leaves the Gate
1. Find the seats for both of you
2. Remind the traveler to remove the comfort items like water bottle, a book or a shawl from the carry-on
3. Help the traveler put their carry-on bag in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of them
4. Stow away your carry-on bag
5. Make sure you and the traveler to put the seat belt on and keep it fastened for as much of the flight as possible
6. Acquaint them with the aircraft safety card and point out the emergency exits

20 Dec

Checked Luggage Packing List

TripCompanion Tips - Checked Luggage Packing List.  Fly Confident with your Travel Expert!When packing, put items that contain liquids inside sealed plastic bags, and then pack them in the center of the luggage. You also might consider putting underwear or other clothing in a sealed plastic bag. When you close the bag, squeeze as much air out as possible before you seal the bag. This will save space and allow denser packing in your luggage.

6 Apr

Retirement Travel Incentives: Air Travel Companionship


If you are retired or looking forward to your retirement, you might be planning some travel. Why not help others along the way? Perhaps in the course of your career, you might have done some or extensive domestic or overseas traveling. Your familiarity with various airports and your knowledge of the travel process is invaluable to other senior travelers who have either never had the opportunity to travel or must now travel alone and are anxious about it.

9 Mar

Expectations of An Air Trip Companion

Travel Companion Duties

What does TripCompanion expect from its air trip companions?

  • Honesty in your description of your upcoming trip and proposed services for a traveler.
  • Identification verification. When you sign up to become an air travel companion, you must confirm that you are eligible to fly internationally. You should upload a clear photo of yourself and enter your name in the TripCompanion app. When you publish your trip, the app will connect to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to provide us your number of connections and timelines.