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7 Reasons to visit Vietnam

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7 Reasons to visit Vietnam

There are many good reasons to tour Vietnam, here are some of the most common ones.

The Second-To-None Scenery

Vietnam is blessed with stunning natural beauty that will take your breath away. You can marvel at the majestic limestone formations in Ha Long Bay, the verdant rice terraces in Sa Pa, the thundering waterfalls in Cao Bang, and the colorful coral reefs in Nha Trang. You can also enjoy some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the world.

The Diverse Destinations

Vietnam has something for everyone, from bustling cities to tranquil countryside, from tropical beaches to mountainous highlands. You can explore ancient temples and pagodas in Hanoi, experience the colonial charm and modern vibes of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC, formerly Saigon), marvel at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Ha Long Bay and charming ancient town of Hoi An, and the natural wonders like Son Doong Cave and Mui Ne Sand Dunes.

Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ho Chin Minh City (Saigon)

Hoi An Water Front

There Is History Around Every Corner

Vietnam has a long and rich history that spans over a thousand years. You can witness the traces of different civilizations and eras in the architecture, art, and monuments that dot the country.

Our Hanoi excursion includes Vietnam Museum of Ethnology for a glance at the life-style of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam.

Witness the influence of China at Temple of Literature (Hanoi). The influence of France in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, HCMC’s Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office. Indian influences can be seen in the ruined Shaiva Hindu temples in My Son.

ONE PILLAR PAGODA The pagoda supported by one single pillar in the center of an elegantly square shaped lotus pond.

The Incredible Local Food

Vietnam is a paradise for food lovers, with local dishes that are fresh, healthy, and delicious. You can enjoy famous street food like pho, banh mi (French Vietnamese baguette sandwich), and bun cha (grilled pork with rice vermicelli) , or try some regional specialties like ca kho To (Vietnamese braised catfish) and Banh xeo (crepe).

Ready for your movable street food feast either on foot or on a scooter?

Bo Bia (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

The Warm And Hardworking People

The Vietnamese are friendly, hospitable, and resilient. They are always ready to help, to share their culture and cuisine, and to have fun.

Floating Market

The Addictive Coffee Culture

Vietnam is world famous for its coffee culture and the strong and flavorful Robusta and Arabica coffee varieties.

You’ll find thousands of cafes in every corner of Hanoi and HCMC with low chairs and tables. You can sip your coffee while chatting with locals or watching street life. There are also modern café chains with free WiFi and live music for the trendy young crowd.

Try some creative variations like egg coffee or yogurt coffee.

Trung Nguyen is the largest and most popular coffee brand. It is known for its intense aroma and distinctive Vietnamese flavor, which often includes hints of chocolate, caramel, or nuts. It’s available in grocery stores and airport shops.


Hoi An Lanterns

Who doesn’t like to bring home some memories from their travels. You can find high quality silk products such as scarves, bags, clothes, paintings, and lanterns. Glossy and colorful lacquerware products include bowls, plates, trays, boxes, vases, paintings, and jewelry. Coffee beans abound. Readymade traditional dresses and express custom-tailored outfits.

Glossy and colorful lacquerware products include bowls & vases.

These are just some of the great reasons for visiting Vietnam. These and so many more attractions waiting are just waiting to be discovered!

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