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20 Dec

Checked Luggage Packing List

TripCompanion Tips - Checked Luggage Packing List.  Fly Confident with your Travel Expert!When packing, put items that contain liquids inside sealed plastic bags, and then pack them in the center of the luggage. You also might consider putting underwear or other clothing in a sealed plastic bag. When you close the bag, squeeze as much air out as possible before you seal the bag. This will save space and allow denser packing in your luggage.

16 Mar

When to Say “No” to Your Travel Companion

flight companion boundary

A boundary is when you communicate your limits to the person you are travelling with. To communicate a limit, you usually have to say “no.” People have limits about many things, and many times these limits change depending on the situation. However, some things are not negotiable, and you have to say “no” and maintain a boundary when you are assisted by a trip companion or when you are providing the companionship service.