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14 Apr

8 Ayurveda Tips for an Inspired and Revitalizing Spring!

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Spring is here and the earth has gladly received the embrace of the sun. Let’s embrace the light to renew and revitalize our body and mind!

Spring is a season characterized by warmth and moistness departing from the cold, dry winter. It is the season of Kapha (a combination of water and earth). Let’s leave winter behind and spring forward with a seasonal diet and lifestyle that invites a little extra lightness, sharpness, dryness and heat into our lives.

15 Aug

Airplane Noises: Is This Sound Normal?

airplane over taipei, taiwan. As stated by our travel expert, airplane noise can be reduced for a more comfortable family trip. If this is your first trip by airplane, you might be wondering what airplane sounds are normal, and why does everyone act like these strange sounds are OK. Well, even though most people act nonplussed about flying, some people become anxious about the unfamiliar sounds that they hear and worry that they might not be normal. Some people worry about their flight so much that they cannot enjoy themselves, or they end up bargaining with God. For someone who flies a lot, fretting the entire flight about some sounds is not a good coping mechanism. Don’t waste your mental energy. Learn how to deal with the thumps and bumps of air travel.

10 Jul

Yoga on the Go in the Airport

Our travel expert does yin yoga in SFO airport yoga room during her transit. Yoga at the airport is a great way to reduce stress during long flight. You get off your long flight and schlep your carry-on bags off the plane. You are stiff and still have another flight that boards in two hours from a nearby gate. What can you do in the airport other than sit at the next gate? If you are lucky enough to land at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), you can pop out your yoga mat (or use a complimentary one) and do some salutations to the sun and downward dog postures in their fabulous yoga room for FREE!