Travel To Nepal

Nature’s beauty is a gift here in Nepal that cultivates appreciation and gratitude. It’s physical features hold some impressive world records such as the tallest mountain in the world (Mt Everest), the deepest gorge (Kali Gandaki) and the highest lake on earth (Tilicho Lake). Visit the habitats of the Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, Wild Elephant, and Crocodile, to name a few. Plenty of wildlife adventures to go around!

This jewel-sized country is dotted with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and temples with amazing views of the Himalayan peaks. What’s also remarkable about Nepal is the fact that it’s the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, which explains the many temples.

Our tours are tailored for every day folks. The treks are gentle and totally optional, and our guide will choose a trek that suits you. If you’re looking for a getaway to a more peaceful and serene atmosphere, Nepal is filled with just that and so much more!

Recommended Journeys to Nepal

Best of Kathmandu Valley

8 Days from $1,870 per person 

Witness Nepal’s multi-ethnic peoples and the harmony of Hinduism and Buddhism at many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and temples throughout Kathmadu Valley. A gentle 1 day trek offers you an amazing view of the Himalayan peaks. Join us to be inspired by the majestic nature and culture of Nepal, no Mt Everest climbing skills required!

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Heart of Nepal

11 Days from $3,480 per person 

This 11-days trip allows you to dive deeper into this ancient land, visit the iconic monuments and Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini. Take off on a spectacular sightseeing flight to see Mount Everest. Get close up and personal with the biodiversity and ecology of Nepal at wildlife adventures.

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Highlights of Nepal

4 Days from $1,300 per person 

A short trip to sample the best of Nepal in its capital, Kathmandu city. Take off on a spectacular early morning sightseeing flight to view Mount Everest. Visit the iconic stupas and monuments at the birth place of Gautama Buddha.

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Taj Mahal & The Himalayas


Discover India’s Golden Triangle as well as Bhutan and Nepal, two Himalayan countries little touched by the passage of time. View the stunning “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, stroll through Kathmandu’s Durbar Square and be mesmerized by the stunning Taj Mahal.

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Taj Mahal & Nepal


Explore an unbelievable  number of UNESCO Heritage Sites on this wonderful trip to India’s Golden Triangle and Nepal. An enjoyable experience for the whole family visiting everything from majestic monuments to wildlife national parks.

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Himalayan Kingdoms: Bhutan and Nepal

8 Days from $3,645 per person  ✦
An great introduction tour of Bhutan & Nepal. View the stunning “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, stroll through numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu and take off on a spectacular sightseeing flight to see Mount Everest.

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