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Festival Tours

Immerse Yourself in the Lifestyle

Many countries have cultures and customs that are vastly different from our own. One thread that unites us all is the desire to celebrate. Traveling on a tour to a major festival offers a unique opportunity to dive into a different culture, witness the local perspective and make new friends along the way. See your destination fully decorated with exciting music and dance, and sample delicious festival cuisine. Food which may sometimes be exclusively just for this special occasion.

Time to savor the moment!

Diwali, Full Festival Experience

9 Days ✦ Call for Price 

We celebrate the full 5 days of Diwali and the ancient legends behind each day as we travel through the Golden Triangle of Northern India. Witness thousands of glowing lamps on the evening of Diwali, and share these experiences with the locals.

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Royal Rajasthan: Pushkar Fair

14 Days ✦ Call for Price 

Partake the ultimate country fair, Pushkar Camel Fair while visiting the best sights of Rajasthan. Ride a camel on the vast Thar Desert. Step into glorious historic royal palaces to experience the royal lifestyle. Be awed by the magnificent hilltop forts. An amazing journey!

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Colors of India

12 Days ✦ Call for Price 

As one of India’s most dazzling and exuberant festivities. Join in the giant state-wide party of large bonfires, spectacular dance performances and observe or even participate in throwing color dyes. Combine Holi celebration with the heritage journey of Northern India.

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