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9 Travel Tips for a Happy Gut

Tours and travels could be hard on your body. Catching a cold or flu is more likely within the confined and crowded spaces in the planes and airports.

Traveling could be hard on your body.  Catching a cold or flu is more likely within the confined and crowded spaces in the planes and airports.  Many travelers also find their sleep patterns disrupted by these conditions.  A lesser-discussed problem is our digestive system going out of kilter due to an inadequate diet as well as prolonged sitting on the plane or car.

Let me share with you my happy gut travel tips.

  • Dehydration: Drink eight 8-ounce servings of water daily. Tea and coffee does not count, it has to be water and/or real fruit juice.  Drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up to flush your system and to allow time use the bathroom before starting the day’s journey.
  • Herbal tea: Pack a few herbal tea bags designed to improve digestion of food and calm bloating and excessive wind e.g. ginger, anise or peppermint flavor.
  • Gentle exercise: Gentle movements help our internal organs. So find time to do 5 minutes of gentle exercises like tai chi or yoga, in addition to walking. These exercises will counter balance the long plane ride, car ride and sitting time at the airport lounge.
  • Abdominal Massage: Place your fingers on your navel and begin a firm rubbing motion, slowly circling outward from the navel. Repeat for 50 circles or 2 minutes.
  • Fruit & vegetable: Excessive eating and overdoing exotic foods is a common downfall during vacations. We should enjoy local cuisine but also remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and high fiber vegetables. Bonus tip: order an extra side vegetable with each meal.
  • Fiber: Consume your favorite blend of fiber supplement daily, like psyllium, benefiber, optifiber, etc.
  • Spices: Feel free to enjoy food that is rich in herbs and spices. They nourish the organs. I recommend cumin, cardamom, coriander, black pepper, ginger, turmeric and rosemary. Small amounts of chilli & cayenne are helpful too, if they agree with your palate.
  • Healthy Fat- Healthy fats lubricate the intestines and allow for an easier removal of waste from the body. E.g. Olive oil, coconut oil, butter, macadamia nut and avocado.
  • Minimize food high in gluten and refined sugar: These kinds of foods disrupt digestion.


Keeping your gut happy is crucial, whether traveling or at home.  Relax, enjoy and experience life no matter where you are.

Fly Confident!