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Yoga On The Go

Summer is here! It’s time to check your travel bucket list. While sightseeing is exciting, the joy of traveling can be stressful and tough on your joints and muscles. Yoga practices and teachings are becoming more popular for easing travel discomforts and the travel industry has definitely taken note of it.


1. Yoga room in the airport
Airports are embracing the popularity of yoga by providing special rooms where travelers can practice yoga or meditate on the go. If you have a long layover somewhere, it’s worth checking out the airport website for the latest news on yoga availability.

‣ San Francisco International Airport

‣ Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

‣ Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport

‣ Burlington International Airport

‣ London Gatwick Airport

‣ Helsinki Airport

‣ Cochin Airport

2. Explore free yoga classes offered by your hotel
Some hotels offer free morning yoga classes, like the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, Malaysia or most of the hotels in our Kerala tours. Check at the reception for details. Usually yoga mats are provided in their exercise room.

3. Stretch and relax in your hotel room
Before bedtime, try these two poses to help get a good night’s sleep:

‣ Sit upright with 2 or 3 pillows about 1 foot in front of you between your feet. Gently fold forwards with a rounded back and try to rest your forehead on the pillows for 5 minutes.

‣ Put your legs up against the headboard or wall and point them to the ceiling while lying down on your back. Close your eyes and rest in this “L” pose for 5 minutes.

4. Take a tour with a yoga teacher
Kick up your travel experience. Practice yoga with a yoga teacher on your tour while a tour guide take you through the amazing cities and monuments in your travel bucket-list.

The teacher could moderate the pace for relaxation or increase positive energy that conveys the essence of life to ensure the vacation experience.


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Photo courtesy of San Francisco International Airport.