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Traveling with Children Carry-On Items

TripCompanion tips - Traveling with Children Carry-On ItemsBesides packing basic things like a first-aid kit, tickets and passports, you can also add some things that can help traveling with kids:

1. Ear plugs or cotton balls
2. Comic books, story books
3. Battery-operated video games or small toys/dolls
4. Travel pillow
5. Extra change of clothes
6. A small supply of formula
7. Empty feeding bottles

8. Nutritious snacks such as
• Apples, oranges or clementines
• Baby carrots, celery sticks
• Dried fruit like apricots, apple slices, raisins, plums, papayas
• Trail mixes
• Cubed tofu in reusable mini-yogurt cups
• Bread sticks with cheese/ranch/Nutella dip
• Cheese and mini-crackers
• Crackers like Saltines, Oreos, Animal crackers or some Indian biscuits like Bourbon, Marie, Krackjack
• Chocolates, candy, M&M’s
• Cereals
• Energy bars, fruit bars, nut and fruit bars

Traveling solo with kids? Why not hire a trip companion to be an extra pair of hands on your long journey!

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