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A Helping Hand For Our Parents Visiting The USA

We always look forward to our parents or in-laws visiting us in the Flight Companion, A Helping Hand For Our Parents Visiting The USAUSA.  Looking back on their first visit, there were concerns about their journey and as well as going through the immigration formalities.  You can image the anxiety on both sides of the ocean.  Even if they have already done a consular interview and have a visitor visa with their passports, it is important for our parents to answer to the immigration officer honestly that the purpose of the trip is for a short term leisure visit.

If you could find a friend or a travel companion from TripCompanion to accompany your parents during the air journey and arrival process, they could explain the details as they walk towards immigration, and also help them queue up in the correct lanes for immigration.  The companion can also provide more reassurance, translating signs and instructions so the parents don’t feel too stressed out.  Instead of overloading your senior travelers with lot of details before the trip, which may just increase their anxiety, a trip companion will allow them to enjoy the journey and make them want to visit you again.

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