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24 May

7 Tips for Buying Visitor Insurance

7 Tips for Buying Visitor Insurance

Last month I was shocked to read a post on Facebook. The mother of a friend had suffered a stroke during her visit to the USA! She had partial brain damage and was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit. To make matters worse, her visitor insurance coverage ran out in just two days. Her family needed to raise money quickly to complete the treatment so that she could return to India. I was really sad to hear the news. According to her family, she had undergone pre-trip medical tests that were necessary for the insurance and was given clearance by the doctors to travel to the USA.

18 Jan

Reminder About US Customs When Our Parents Visit The USA

Chinese Sausages-Chinese New Year In addition to being excited to see our parents again when they visit us in the USA, we also look forward to the favorite foods and spices they bring, which are hard to find here.  However, it is important to remind them that meat products and fresh fruits are not allowed to be taken to the USA. They should not try to sneak any onboard, even though they think they are doing us a favor. 

20 Aug

Activities for Long Term Visitors to the USA

Grand Ma ReadingWhen family visits from halfway around the world, they stay for as long as possible—sometimes for months. Staying for a longer time might be because they can’t afford to travel back and forth, or because they want to help out with a new baby or other major life change, or they simply miss you and want to spend as much time as they can with you.

After catching up with relatives from out of the country, however, most people eventually run out of vacation time and have to return to work before their guests return home. Isolation by staying at home alone is not healthy even for older adults. What can your long-term guests do while you are at work and the kids are at school?

2 Aug

Is Your Travel Buddy Anxious About Flying?

Aeroplane-PassengerYou notice that the person that you are helping on a long-haul flight is suddenly chatty, jumpy, or unusually quiet before boarding. As the plane revs its engines and begins to taxi, your travel buddy begins digging their nails into the armrest and looking around suspiciously or praying. If this is that person’s first air travel experience, they might be experiencing some anxiety, and you as a travel companion can help make their first trip abroad a pleasant one.