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18 Jan

Reminder About US Customs When Our Parents Visit The USA

Chinese Sausages-Chinese New Year In addition to being excited to see our parents again when they visit us in the USA, we also look forward to the favorite foods and spices they bring, which are hard to find here.  However, it is important to remind them that meat products and fresh fruits are not allowed to be taken to the USA. They should not try to sneak any onboard, even though they think they are doing us a favor. 

12 Jan

A Helping Hand For Our Parents Visiting The USA

We always look forward to our parents or in-laws visiting us in the Flight Companion, A Helping Hand For Our Parents Visiting The USAUSA.  Looking back on their first visit, there were concerns about their journey and as well as going through the immigration formalities.  You can image the anxiety on both sides of the ocean.  Even if they have already done a consular interview and have a visitor visa with their passports, it is important for our parents to answer to the immigration officer honestly that the purpose of the trip is for a short term leisure visit.

28 Dec

New Year Fun In Bay Area


New Year Eve-Fire WorkThe year 2015 is finally coming to an end. It’s time to look back at what we have achieved professionally and personally, and also reflect on our challenges this year. Some of us may have received a promotion or bought a new house or had a newborn added to their family . Others may have lost a job or had a rough patch during 2015. So it’s time to celebrate our good times, learn from our mistakes, and above all, make new resolutions. Let’s celebrate the last few days of 2015 and extend a warm welcome to the year 2016.

16 Dec

Indo-American Family time in Xmas season

Kids with Xmas Teddy BearChristmas is the only festival that is celebrated all around the globe. No matter which country you belong to, or what language you speak, the whole world celebrates Christmas Day with same gala and fun. If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you are exposed to people of varied cultures, languages and religion. The people here in the Silicon Valley celebrate Diwali, Durga Puja, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Halloween and Christmas with same level of interest and fun.

7 Dec

Adjustment Tips for Family Members Visiting USA

The holiday season is around the corner and it is time to Asian Indian Family in USAmeet our family and friends. Many of us living in the USA have families living abroad like China, India and other South East Asian countries. We often invite our family members residing abroad to come to the USA and spend more time with us, especially our grandparents, parents or very close relatives. Sometimes it becomes hard for them to adjust to the fast paced lifestyle here in the USA.