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Fellow Companion

Travel With Confidence
Hire a fellow traveler already on your flight!

How it Works

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Family Trip Tours, find a travel companion to assist senior travel



We match you with a caring fellow passenger flying to the same destination.






Single Parent hires flight companion as flight assistant



Hire your flight companion based on your preferences and needs.






Become a flight assistant to support senior travel



Your travel companion will assist you from airport to airport.






Hire or become a travel companion to assist family and senior travel



Arrive at your destination and be united with your family.






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Find a fellow passenger as your parent's flight companion to provide them flight assistant. It is a smart way for senior travel!

What People Are Saying

A flight companion ensures a smooth and comfortable journey for senior travel“Rakesh was my flight companion on my flight home from San Francisco to Mumbai. I was very glad to have Rakesh assist me from check-in, through transit at Dubai and helping with luggage at Mumbai for a stress-free trip.”

– Shakuntala