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Wildlife in its natural habitat

Get a real feel for nature on our Eco & Wildlife Tours. Our tours are handpicked with the help of local naturists and park rangers who know the local animals and area the best! Take a closer look into famous animal and bird sanctuaries that conserve the wildlife and its habitats. Witness firsthand migratory birds, asian elephants, sloth bears, asiatic lions, tigers, orangutans and more.

Sri Lanka Adventure

12 Days from $1,959 $2,305 per person
📣   Special Offer Ends Dec 14

Asian-safari experience with golden beaches & historical wonders. Transport yourself back in time as an ancient warrior. Climb to the top of the iconic 1000 ft tall Rock Fortress and survey the jungle below for foes. Visit the past in the ruins of Anuradhapura and ancient monasteries.

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Heart of Nepal

11 Days from $3,680 per person 

Visit many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient temples, and Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini. Take off on a spectacular Mount Everest sightseeing flight. Enjoy a wildlife safari in the Himalaya mountains.

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Tigers & Taj Mahal

8 Days from $1,679 $1,975 per person ✦  Private Tour
📣   Special Offer Ends Dec 14
🚩  Group Tours April 17, 2021 ✦ $1,441 $1,695 per person

Embark on an introduction tour to India and kick it up a notch with wildlife safaris. Explore the heritage journey through amazing ancient forts, beautiful palaces and the magnificent Taj Mahal. Venture into Ranthambore National Park to search for the Bengal tiger, sambar, leopard and more.

Maximum 6 guests, 2 jeep safaris with each jeep have up to two guests.

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Borneo Wildlife

7 Days $4,550 per person

An amazing family adventure for young and old. See wildlife on rain forest treks and river cruises. Island hopping in the South China Sea.

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Wildlife of India: Bandhavgarh & Kanha

8 Days ✦ Call for Price

A chance to spot amazing Bengal Tigers and other exotic animals on an intimate adventure through Central India’s many wild life reserves. Private safaris with exclusive access perks.

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