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Celebrate East-Meets-West Mother’s Day

Celebrate East-Meets-West Mother’s DayLet’s be honest. There’s no one who loves you, or worries about you more than your mother so start planning now to thank her and make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a time of the year when we all unite to celebrate motherhood around the world. Mother’s Day in the United States is held annually on the second Sunday of May. This year it will be celebrated on May 8th. Many of us have made plans to celebrate Mother’s Day in our own way. Some like to eat out or cook mother’s special recipe, buy favorite gifts, visit their mother or invite their mother to celebrate with them.

Any special day is incomplete without food. Mother’s day is no exception. Some like to make it special by dining in a fine restaurant with their mother. To make Mother’s day even more special, try baking a cake for your mother or cook your mother’s favorite dish. It is always fun to cook with family and have fun. Check out these recipe ideas that can help you make this day special for you and your mother. https://allrecipes.com/recipes/1445/holidays-and-events/mothers-day/

Although Mother’s Day is not traditionally celebrated in Asia, the culture values mothers’ sacrifice and love greatly, so the concept of celebrating Mother’s Day has been catching on. In most holiday celebrations, the mother in the family spends an enormous amount of effort preparing an elaborate meal. To give her a break, many Asian families treat their mother to a restaurant meal for a no fuss celebration. As a part of the American melting pot, immigrant families join in the restaurant dinning scene on this special day. We also take advantage of this non-traditional day to try out other restaurants outside of our own ethnic ones.

Mother’s day is also incomplete without a gift. You can purchase a gift or you can even make one all by yourself and surprise your mother to make her feel appreciated. Check out this site for great Mother’s Day gift ideas.  https://www.pinterest.com/explore/mothers-day-ideas/

Do plan to visit your mother if you can. You can also bring your mother here to the USA to celebrate Mother’s Day with you.  If you need a travel companion for your mother if she has to travel alone from India or other distant countries, then visit TripCompanion.com. Here are some adjustment tips to help you with your mother during her visit in USA.

We hope these ideas and suggestions will help you spend your Mother’s Day happily with family members. And remember that simple things can make your mother happy, like a hug, a call, a kiss or saying I LOVE YOU MOM. So let us all gear up and make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

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