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Smart Traveler Bearing Gifts from USA

On your next family trip back to your home country, bringing back interesting gifts from America to delight your family and friends.Hello everyone!
A family trip back home to visit family and friends always gets me jumping with excitement.  Part of the fun is bringing back interesting gifts from America to delight them.  Let me share my go to list with you.



– Designer clothing and accessories from Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Lane Bryant , Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret for budding fashionistas.
– Handbag or wallet from Kate Spade, Coach, Tory Burch.
– Fragrances, colognes, perfume (e.g. Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Thierry Mugler, Prada).
– Underarmour brand items for fashionable athletic wear.
– Lululemon or Lucy yoga outfits and accessories will win you with gratitude from your yogi pals.
– Inexpensive Cubic Zircona jewelry, shoes and accessories.

Household and comfort items:
– Blood pressure monitor and glucose meter for the diabetic relatives.
– Coffee makers, especially the programmable espresso machines for the aunts.
– Polarized sunglasses to protect the precious eyes for your loved ones.
– Anti Pollution Masks for someone who lives in a smoggy city.
– Winter wear, soft throw blankets and plushies share your warm wishes to the grandparents.
– Rain-X or Aquapel – always handy for car owners!

Chocolates and treats:
– Godiva, See Candies, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt chocolates.
– Hershey’s KISSES (actually anything Hershey’s), Reese’s Cups, Twinkies, Mars, Twix, Jolly Ranchers, Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts are all awesome.
– Oreo cookies!!! They are too overpriced in Asia.
– Macadamias Nuts.
– Sugar-free chocolates for the diabetic relatives.
– Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels and Maker’s according to their seniority.

Fun stuff:
– iPhone, iPad and other Apple products, and Kindles for the gadget freaks.
– Cute pens and pencils, Hello Kitty, Dora, Pokemon paraphernalia, especially the projectable LED night lights.
– Popular game consoles, take to the kids or the young at hearts for the latest hot items.

A lovely photo album with beautiful pictures of people and moments in your life for the amazing grandparents.

Don’t forget you can earn good karma by being a trip companion assisting another elderly traveler on your flight.  It is an easy gig for you, and yet such a great value to the traveler and their family to know their loved one is safe and comfortable on the flight.  BTW don’t go overboard with too many gifts in your carry-on luggage, which you will have to carry through the large airport.

Fly Confident!