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歡迎猴年 Welcoming The Year of the Monkey!

Welcoming The Year of the Monkey!
Happy New Year to all of you,
whether you are ethnic Chinese or not! New Year celebrations always bring out our positive outlook for the future.  You may already be familiar with the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, namely, the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

According to Chinese folklore your personality, fortune, and relationships are influenced by your birth animal.  Every 12 years, you will be honored and blessed during the year of your own auspicious animal zodiac.  It is rather fun at family gatherings to debate the compatibility of your zodiac animal vs. other relatives or romantic interests.

Your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Monkey if you are born in these Chinese lunar years:

1920: Feb 20,1920 – Feb 7,1921

1932: Feb 6,1932 – Jan 25,1933

1944: Jan 25,1944 – Feb 12,1945

1956: Feb 12,1956 – Jan 30,1957

1968: Jan 30,1968 – Feb 16,1969

1980: Feb 16,1980 – Feb 4,1981

1992: Feb 4,1992 – Jan 22,1993

2004: Jan 22,2004 – Feb 8,2005

2016: Feb 8,2016 – Jan 27,2017

The general characteristics of someone born in the year of the Monkey are that they are smart, clever, and intelligent in both career and wealth. Their personalities are lively, flexible, gentle, and honest.  However, they might also have an impetuous temper and be arrogant.

Would you make a good flight companion if your zodiac sign is the monkey?  Yes, of course!  Being lively, flexible, gentle, and honest are great assets for any flight companion.  With your gentleness, you could provide peace of mind to a fellow traveler.  It will be great year to travel and earn good karma by helping a fellow traveler!

Fly Confident!