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Taiwan has an abundance of natural beauty with a steep mountain chain running from north to south, lush forests and scenic lakes. Famous attractions include Taroko Gorge and Sun Moon Lake.

The bustling capital city Taipei has the National Palace Museum housing a vast collection of Chinese imperial artifacts that span thousands of years of history. The Taipei 101 skyscraper is the tallest building in Taiwan.

Jiufen is a charming old town on the northeast coast where you can experience the nostalgic atmosphere of the Japanese colonial era (1895-1945).

Popular Taiwanese cuisine has influences from neighboring countries as well as the Taiwanese Indigenous peoples.
Common ingredients and flavors in Taiwanese cuisine include rice, soy sauce, seafood, pork, chicken, beef, tofu, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and tea. Tasty snacks, desserts, and beverages include bubble tea, shaved ice, pineapple cake, oyster omelet, beef noodles, braised pork rice, and more.

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When is the best time to visit Taiwan?

Taiwan is a subtropical island with four distinct seasons: winter (December to February), spring (March to May), summer (June to August), and autumn (September to November). Northern Taiwan is cooler and wetter than the south. In winter the mountains are colder with more snow than the lowlands. Winter temperatures range from 65°F in the north to 75°F in the south. Summer is around 90°F in the country.

In summary, the best time to visit Taiwan depends on your planned itinerary and activities. Generally, autumn are the best months to explore the country’s great outdoors. Spring offers endless opportunities to enjoy the stunning colors of nature and some of Taiwan’s top festivals. November and December are fantastic months to explore the big cities such as Taipei and Taichung. However, you can still visit Taiwan at any time of the year and have an amazing experience.