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Travel Agent – How To Get Started

Travel Agents are invited to join our TripCompanion Travel Agent Affiliate Program to provide a valuable add-on service for your clients and increase your revenue.
TripCompanion Tours / Travel Agent – How To Get Started

While Planning a Trip for Senior Traveler or Family

Many travelers desire some light non-medical assistance on their flight. When family and friends are not available then use TripCompanion to seek a fellow passenger who can assist as a flight companion.

You can add a trip for your client on the TripCompanion Agent Portal by publishing a request with the traveler’s tentative or ticketed itinerary, pick and choose the types of assistance needed. A more pleasant journey means more repeat trips with you.

While Planning a Trip for an Experienced Traveler

Similarly, you can add a trip for your client who is an experienced traveler and is interested to be a trip companion to assist another passenger. It is so easy for an experienced traveler to help others. They no doubt have seen other elderly travelers struggle through the journey. Helping others is so easy, earns good karma and some extra pocket money.

Interview the matches and Hire a trip companion

Our system matches your clients with other passengers. You use our built-in messaging system to interview your shortlisted candidates and hire the most suitable trip companion. You can also represent experienced travelers during the interviews and accept a job assignment for your client.

Meet Up, Onboard the Flight and Arrival

The traveler and the trip companion meet at airport check-in counter and start the journey together. At the destination airport the traveler meets up with receiving family members, then the trip companion confirms the Arrival Status using the TripCompanion app.

How does it work for a traveler? Read more . . .

How does it work for a trip companion? Read more . . .

Instructions are provided within TripCompanion app and email reminders.

Referral commission

You earn a referral commission for each successfully completed trip as a traveler or as a trip companion. Contact info@TripCompanion for more details.

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