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Yoga on the Go in the Airport

Our travel expert does yin yoga in SFO airport yoga room during her transit. Yoga at the airport is a great way to reduce stress during long flight. You get off your long flight and schlep your carry-on bags off the plane. You are stiff and still have another flight that boards in two hours from a nearby gate. What can you do in the airport other than sit at the next gate? If you are lucky enough to land at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), you can pop out your yoga mat (or use a complimentary one) and do some salutations to the sun and downward dog postures in their fabulous yoga room for FREE!

If you are planning travel for your parents visiting the USA, be sure to let them know about the amenities at airports they will visit en route to their destination.

If you are a companion for another traveler unfamiliar with the airports or travel, they might not realize how important moving and gentle stretching is after being at high altitudes and not moving for long periods. As a travel companion, you can help a traveler with your knowledge and experience so they can avoid health risks associated with long-haul travel, such as blood clots.

Why yoga?

After a long flight and before your next flight is the perfect time to gently stretch stiff muscles, work on your posture, encourage blood circulation, and be mindful of the lack of movement that you experienced during the flight. Yoga can also improve your mood. The dimmed lighting is also good for meditation. Stretch, hydrate, and refresh!

If you need more reasons to take care of your body, read on:

If you are traveling with a companion, this is also a good place to meet and share some quiet time before or during your travels. You can practice the same postures or do your own thing.

Not able to practice on your own?

Anyone can benefit from following a guided meditation or gentle yoga program. Before you leave or using the airport’s free Wi-Fi service and your smartphone, you can download free mp3 files from UCLA or from the FreeMindfulness website.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can download the files to an MP3 player ahead of time and be ready when you see a yoga room.

Note: Be sure to use your earbuds or headphones so others are not disturbed.

Other yoga rooms

Not at SFO? Other airports have yoga and meditation rooms, too. Read more about airport yoga rooms at the RoadWarriorVoices website.

Fly confident!