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Traveling with Friends

What better way to travel than with friends? On the flip side, it might turn into a big headache and push friends apart due to differences in style or expectations. If managing your own tour party is too much of a headache, then let a professional tour operator like us prepare everything for you!





It is important to invite friends who have a complimentary travel style and to set clear expectations at the beginning of the trip.

  • Find out if you have compatible travel interests: Do you prefer spending hours in museums, relaxing on beach, nursing a cup of coffee or wine at the café or chatting with locals?
  • Travel styles: Would you pay for a shorter non-stop flight or prefer to save money and tolerate transits and long layovers? Travel by road or take a train?
  • Planning: Some people prefer to set an itinerary and stick to the schedule, while others like fluid last minute decisions.
  • Budget disparity: Don’t go on a trip with someone with a different spending level than you. It will be an unhappy experience if some members like lavish gastronomic dinners at fancy restaurants while others prefer to save money by cooking dinner at the vacation home.
  • Duty roles: Evenly divide the travel duties among your group with everyone doing their strong suit, whether planning the travel, washing the dishes or managing the shared expenses.
  • Physical fitness: If the trip requires long walks or significant physical exertion, the stronger members must have the patience and humor to get along with the slow pokes.
  • Time management: It will spoil the vacation if an unpunctual member makes everyone miss a train or an attraction.

Fly Confident!