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Traveler Pre-flight Checklist

TripCompanion Traveler Pre-flight Checklist

1. Check-in online and select your seat
2. For international flight, arrive at least 2.5 hours ahead of departure time
3. For domestic flight, arrive at least 1.5 hours ahead of departure time
4. Meet your companion at the appointed location and time
5. Verify each other’s photo ID. Note: Do not give anyone your documents
6. Check in and get your boarding pass. If desired request adjacent seats
7. Remind the check-in agent about the wheelchair if you requested one
8. Confirm special requests then say good-bye to your family at the security screening entrance
9. Go through security together with your trip companion. If only one of you has TSA PreCheck then stay together and use the regular security line

10. Find your gate together
– Ask the gate agent for priority boarding if needed
– Do any last minute shopping for snacks or a magazine
– Refill your water bottle
– Visit the bathrooms

11. Board the aircraft when your priority boarding, boarding zone or row is called

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