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Travel Companion In-Flight Guide

Travel Companion In-Flight GuideBefore the Aircraft Leaves the Gate
1. Find the seats for both of you
2. Remind the traveler to remove the comfort items like water bottle, a book or a shawl from the carry-on
3. Help the traveler put their carry-on bag in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of them
4. Stow away your carry-on bag
5. Make sure you and the traveler to put the seat belt on and keep it fastened for as much of the flight as possible
6. Acquaint them with the aircraft safety card and point out the emergency exits

During the Flight
1. Read the in-flight meal menu with the traveler. If the traveler ordered a special diet, confirm with the flight attendant. Always reconfirm the choice when the meal is delivered
2. Point out the closest toilet and explain the Toilet Full indicator lights
3. Explain how to open and lock the toilet door
4. Remind them to use the toilet 60-90 minutes before arrival to avoid the crowd
5. Encourage the traveler to ask you or a flight attendant for assistance
6. Assist the traveler with filling out the immigration and customs forms if you agreed to help

1. Help getting the traveler’s overhead luggage and remind them to collect items used during the flight.
2. Check the traveler’s area for any forgotten items, remember they are likely to be forgetful.
3. Send a TripCompanion message to the trip chat group and let them know your flight has landed
4. Check if any update about where to meet the greeting party
5. Help the traveler get in the correct immigration line and remind the traveler to give the papers to the immigration officer when they request it
6. Collect your check-in luggage at the baggage claim carousel
7. Assist your traveler with their luggage in full public view. Go through the customs area. For your security, declare your own belongings separately from the traveler
8. Meet the traveler’s family or greeter at the appointed location in the arrival area. Confirm the greeters with their photo in the TripCompanion app. Otherwise ask the traveler to confirm they are being met by the expected parties. NOTE: Do not leave the airport with the traveler
9. Mark the trip is completed in TripCompanion app to proceed with payment
10. Say goodbye to the traveler and their family

Fly Confident!