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Smart Carry-on Packing List

TripCompanion tips-Smart Carry-on Packing ListSmart travelers ensure their carry-on is not too heavy and fits within the airline’s maximum dimensions.

Leave your valuables at home. Otherwise put them in your carry-on. Keep a careful eye on your bag and promptly collect it after screening.


Essential carry-on items
1. Travel documents
• Passport for international trip
• Picture ID for domestic trip
• Air ticket or boarding pass
• Itinerary

2. Contact information for places & people to visit
3. Emergency contact information
4. Money and credit cards
• US$100 to $200 including some small change
• Local currency including some small change
• Two credit cards

5. House and car keys
6. Ball point pen
7. Electronics
• Mobile phone with charged battery
• Camera and lenses
• Video camera
• Laptop
8. Comfort items
• Ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones
• Eye mask
• Travel pillow
• Socks or slippers

9. Clothing
• Sweatshirt, jacket or shawl
• One change of clothes including underwear

10. Clear plastic one-quart bag
11. Personal hygiene (travel size)
• Lip balm
• Hand lotion
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Hair comb

12. Prescription medication and vitamins
13. Contact lens solution
14. Empty water bottle

Nice to have items
1. Activities
• Book, magazine or eBook
• Travel game, such as chess or a deck of cards
• Pencils and a drawing pad

2. Electronics
• Charged batteries and spare batteries for all devices
• Video game

3. Personal hygiene (travel size)
• Liquid makeup
• Shampoo and conditioner
• Deodorant

4. Fragile items, such as binoculars or fragile gifts
5. Umbrella or other weather-related items if needed
6. Dry, packaged snacks

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