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Safety 101 for the Savvy Senior Traveler

Travel Safety on Runway

You can do some simple things to increase your safety when you travel. To be safe:

  • Travel with a buddy.
  • Monitor the news and weather.
  • Use technology, such as a mobile phone or tablet, which can store “in case of emergency” (ICE) information.
  • Keep batteries on your electronic devices and cell phone charged. Most large airports offer charging stations. Read about the airports and the services that they offer.

  • Arrive at the airport early so you don’t have to hurry. If you are traveling with a trip companion, arrange to meet about 30 minutes before the airline recommended arrival time before going through security.
  • Wear comfortable slip-on shoes.
  • Avoid falls by using prescribed medical devices, such as a cane or walker. Some airports require a lot of walking from the check-in area to the gate. If endurance is a problem, ask for courtesy wheelchair service.
  • Check in your own luggage.
  • Do not accept things from strangers or agree to carry a bag on for someone else.
  • Follow directions from airline and licensed transportation personnel.
  • Review all flight safety information.
  • Keep all valuables out of sight and on your person.
  • Put your carry-on on the floor between your legs, so you have control of it.
  • Pack efficiently so you don’t have to carry too much and save your back.
  • Stay hydrated to keep your mind sharp.

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