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Retirement Travel Incentives: Air Travel Companionship


If you are retired or looking forward to your retirement, you might be planning some travel. Why not help others along the way? Perhaps in the course of your career, you might have done some or extensive domestic or overseas traveling. Your familiarity with various airports and your knowledge of the travel process is invaluable to other senior travelers who have either never had the opportunity to travel or must now travel alone and are anxious about it.

Providing air travel companionship is also a great way to defray some of your travel costs!

Share what you know 

You know:

  • Which lines to get into and when.
  • Which forms to fill out. Immigration and customs forms can be confusing if you have never filled them out before. Also, you might be offered more than one choice of form and you might select the incorrect one.
  • Where and how to retrieve your luggage at your destination.
  • What to do when your luggage is delayed or misplaced.
  • How to be comfortable in a small space.
  • To drink enough water during the flight. Read about how to stay hydrated on The Flight Attendant Life blog.
  • How to adjust the pressure in your ears. Read more about ear clearing techniques on Wikipedia and other medical sites.
  • The best place to buy a snack for your flight or where to buy a last minute gift.
  • Where the restrooms are.

3 incentives of air travel companionship

  • You get to travel with a buddy. It is more fun to travel with someone than travel alone, and it’s generally safer. It’s a win-win experience!
  • You get the joy of helping someone learn something new, and maybe you’ll learn something in return. For those seeking air travel companions, you give them confidence to travel. After their experience traveling with you, perhaps they will want to travel again—maybe even by themselves– or pass on what they have learned to someone else.
  • If you and the senior traveler like to talk, perhaps this person will tell you about something you otherwise never would have learned.
  • You can save money on your current travel expenses. You can choose to volunteer to travel with others, or you can request a travel fee ($100 to $500) to offset a portion of your current travel expenses.

Note: If you are receiving Social Security payments, you are responsible for staying under Social Security income caps to avoid surprises.

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Travel Confident!