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Plan Your Trip with a Trip Companion

TripCompanion tips - Plan Your Trip with a Trip Companion1. For domestic flight, a valid photo ID (driver’s license)
2. For international flight, passport valid more than 6 months beyond the departure date and a valid visa if required
3. Publish your trip with the TripCompanion app
– Tentative travel plan or flight itinerary
– Languages spoken and other preferences
– Services needed
4. Browse and interview candidates about
– Flight itinerary, airlines and if you already have a ticket
– Your specific needs
– Companion’s travel experience
5. Review Planner’s Terms of Use for payment details and cancellation policy
6. Offer the job to the selected travel companion
7. (Optional) Order a background check on your companion
8. Purchase your air tickets after companion accepted the offer and passed the background check
9. If desired, reserve adjacent seats with your companion
10. Compare your ticket’s details, check for the same date, time, and flight number
11. Request a wheelchair with the airline if needed
12. (Optional) Purchase travel insurance
13. Invite family and friends to the app’s chat group
14. Use group chat to schedule departure meeting location and time with your companion and family
15. Use group chat to arrange the meeting location with your greeting party at the destination
16. Arrange transportation to the departure airport

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