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Plan Your Trip as a Trip Companion

Plan Your Trip as a Trip CompanionAs soon as you know when you’re traveling, you could plan to be a trip companion with the following suggestions:

1. For domestic flight, a valid photo ID e.g. driver license
2. For international flight, passport valid more than 6 months beyond the departure date and a valid visa if required

3. Publish your availability as a trip companion with the TripCompanion app
• The traveler would like to know if you are a good match for traveling together. For example, they are interested in the languages you are fluent in, your general travel experience, experience with this particular route and airports, and smoking habits
• Enter your proposed companion fee so you and the traveler have a starting point for negotiations

4. After you are contacted by a potential traveler, use the app messaging feature to:
• Find out if you are communicating directly with the traveler or with a family member (the trip planner)
• Make sure you understand if the traveler expects only basic services or needs premium services
• Ask questions to find out exactly how much help the person needs. For example, a senior traveler has different kinds of needs than a parent traveling with young children
• Share your travel experiences, travel companion experience (e.g. helping your senior relatives or a young relative)
• Discuss the flight itinerary and airlines, cabin class, etc. so you are ready to purchase the tickets after being awarded the assignment
• If you are unable to help the traveler, then inform the traveler as soon as possible. So everyone has more time to seek partners
• See Companion’s Terms of Use for payment details and cancellation policy

5. If the travel planner awards the trip to you, then accept (or decline) the offer in a timely manner.
6. If a background check is requested, follow our instructions to provide your consent and information to our third party background check provider
7. After you accept an award to travel with a traveler and your (optional) background check result meets our requirements, then your name will be added to the traveler’s chat group, so you can follow the updates from everyone
8. If a background check has been requested then wait until TripCompanion has evaluated the background check results before purchasing your air ticket
9. Contact the trip planner to coordinate the purchase of air tickets
10. Purchase your air ticket
11. Select your seat if possible. Coordinate an adjacent seat or a nearby seat as agreed upon with the planner or traveler
12. Upload your air ticket’s image in TripCompanion app
13. (Optional) Purchase travel insurance
14. Use group chat to schedule departure meeting location and time with your traveler e.g. the airline check-in area at the departure airport. We recommend you to meet at least 30 minutes before the earliest check-in time
15. Arrange your transportation to the departure airport

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