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Parents Visiting the USA from India? Tap into Bay Area Resources

Asian Indian Senior CoupleIf your parents are visiting the USA—especially the Bay Area—from India, they can tap into the rich cultural resources that the Bay Area has to offer. The Bay Area is lucky to have communities of people from most parts of the world, and it is not difficult to find products, food, entertainment, and religious services. The first step is to get connected!

Trip companions

First off, there is no need for your parents to travel to the USA alone. You can use the Indian-American community to find a person on the same flight as your parents to check on them and help them out. You can locate travel buddies through friends, communities, or services like

Bay Area Indian-American community resources

Once here, your parents might like to connect with a community center or volunteer with a group with whom they are familiar especially if they are staying for an extended period. After a while people need to get out and enjoy a little bit of “home.” In the Bay Area there are various groups that help the community:

For an evening out together, you can easily find lots of movies in Hindi, Tamil, and other Indian languages:

  • Sulekha provides an app and web service to aggregate all available Indian movie choices in selected cities all over the USA. For example, AMC Mercado 20 in Santa Clara and some Century Movie Theaters play new and classic Indian movies.
  • Eknazar, an online Desi portal lists local events, such as music, dancing, and local festivals.

For religious services, the Bay Area has lots of temples. This is a small sampling of some of the temples we have in and around San Jose:

Grocery stores

Near me in San Jose we have several Indian grocery stores:

  • Kamal Spice House
  • Desi India Bazaar
  • Trinithra Indian Super Markets

To find the best Indian grocer near you, you can use Yelp or your favorite search engine by entering your city and keywords “Indian Grocery Store”.

Continue the conversation on the TripCompanion Facebook page and here in the comments. We would love to hear about your favorite and recommended Bay Area Indian community resources.


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