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Oman has a rich history that lives on in the memories of the local Omanis as well as in the forts and castles around the country. Every fort has its own unique story - how it protected the country, kept out invaders and how they were used in the planning for the prosperity and development of Oman. Most forts and castles were also the homes of the leaders of the cities and many are now museums.

The generous hospitality of Oman will charm you as the locals are friendly and admiringly approachable. This country’s unique charm reminds us of an older time when things were focused on being simple. Oman is surrounded by desert, mountains and the ocean. Having it all will give you thrills and excitement on every corner.

Recommended Journeys To Oman

Oman: Sea, Desert & Canyons

8 Days from $2,940 per person

This spectacular tour welcomes you with an array of adventures and charms like no other. Oman wouldn’t be complete without sand dune bashing through the desert and folk dancing around a campfire under an incredible starry-night sky.

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Discover Oman

6 Days from $2,835 per person

Be mesmerized by traditional Arabian charms and Bedouin hospitality.  From its high mountains to its deep valleys, secluded beaches, and long pristine coastlines, there’s just so much to explore in every corner of Oman.

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Shop for unique Arabian souvenirs while in Oman, where beautiful leather goods and silverware are to be found. Test your bargaining skills during shopping!

Highlights of Oman

4 Days from $2,240 per person

Break up a long flight or take a short trip highlighting the best of Oman. Roam without the rush and get the most from your visit with a private guide, own car and ready to go, pre-planned arrangements.

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