Travel To Oman

Oman is surrounded by desert, mountains and the ocean. Having it all will give you thrills and excitement on every corner. Ascend up to Jebel Shams (Oman’s highest mountain) to peer into the spectacular canyon rims of Wadi Ghul (the Grand Canyon of Arabia). Travel through the sand dunes and wadis to the pristine coastline, along the way you will find oryx, leopards and nesting turtles.

Oman’s rich history is showcased in more than 1000 forts and castles around the country. Every fort has its own unique story, most of them were also the homes of the local leaders and many are now museums. Oman’s low-rise towns retrain their traditional charms while Omanis continue their Bedouin values. The generous hospitality of Oman will charm you as the locals are friendly and admiringly approachable. Oman is the obvious choice for travelers who seek out natural beauty while wanting to sense its ancient soul.

Recommended Journeys To Oman

Oman: Sea, Desert & Canyons

9 Days ✦ CUSTOM TOUR ✦

This spectacular tour welcomes you with an array of adventures from magnificent canyons and desert to pristine coastlines. You’ll also visit many historic forts and ancient castles.  This adventure is not complete without an experience of sand dune bashing!

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Discover Oman

7 Days from $2,835 per person

Be mesmerized by traditional Arabian charms and Bedouin hospitality.  From its high mountains to its deep valleys, secluded beaches, and long pristine coastlines, there’s just so much to explore in every corner of Oman.

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Highlights of Oman

5 Days ✦ CUSTOM TOUR ✦

A perfect stopover tour to see the grandeur of architectures in Muscat, historical castles and ancient ruins in the desert. Experience the lifestyle of a true Omani!

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