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Narita Airport: Terminal 1

aeroplane-ANA-787My trip back to the USA through the Narita International Airport (Terminal 1) was very nice!

For those with a long layover in the terminal, Terminal 1 offers some nice amenities, such as free access to power (got to charge those devices!), pay phones, free Wi-Fi, good souvenir shopping, fresh food, massage chairs at the gates, fabulously clean restrooms and special rooms for families/medical needs, and a properly smokey (and fairly crowded) smoker’s room.

We only had a couple of hours to wait so I signed onto the free Wi-Fi and caught up on work email and did some shopping. And I took a few pictures to share with you!

Unique flavors of Nestle Kit Kat in the airport!Unique flavors of Nestle Kit Kat in Japan airport

The airport cafe sells really tasty foods, and in case you need a last minute gift, they sell special Kit Kat flavors that are unique to Japan. I purchased the wasabi, red bean paste, and strawberry cheesecake flavors. Everyone so far has really liked what they tried. I love the strawberry cheesecake.

The Nestle corporation captured the essence of strawberry cheesecake and put it in a Kit Kat. The box is adorable and is Mt. Fuji-shaped! In-depth reviews of these and other regional Kit Kat bars are on the Kotaku website.

Read the signs and sort your trash!

Narita Airport-Trash-CanIn Japan everyone sorts their garbage and at the airport they make it so easy to help the environment. Most signage has a clear picture, standard Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.







Other signs and instructions are also easy to understand. You can use a local or international pay phone and purchase a phone card easily at the gate.Narita Airport-Phones



Get a massage!

After you finish shopping, charging your devices, and eat, then you can relax in a luscious massage chair at 200 yen  (about US$2) for 10 minutes as you watch the ground crew get your plane ready for take off.

Narita Airport-massage chair








Next time…

Unique to Terminal 1 is the Oxygen Lounge JUKO. I’ll have to try that next time!