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More Fun without Breaking the Bank

Senior couple-bikingNot sure what to do when parents are visiting the USA or when you have long term house guests and a limited budget? Let the Internet help you find practical activities to keep everyone entertained. Today’s list includes some by yourself and outdoor activities, too.


Not into crowds? California parks in general even when a fee is involved are not expensive to visit. If you visit state parks frequently or want to stay overnight, you might be interested in an annual pass. State Park by activity Before you buy an annual pass, see if you qualify for a free or low cost pass.

Visit a FREE or low cost park:

Amateur sports events

If your visitors prefer watching sporting events, check with local or amateur-level sports to watch FREE local sports, such as bicycling. You also can encourage your favorite professional cyclist along the path of the Amgen Tour of California.

If you are not the spectator-type, take your bikes, roller skates or your feet (for jogging or walking) to Cañada Road on a Sunday during the “no car” hours.

Participate in a walk for charity.

Art/craft and DIY-related events (FREE to $2 for kids)

If you want to learn how to do something, many of the local stores offer demos and “make and take” classes.


Movies in the park are fun! 

Meet like-minded people on

If you want to find a group of people who meditate or practice drawing or writing or some type of exercise, why not search on for a group near you? Many Meetup groups are free or require a token fee. Be sure to confirm any fee beforehand to avoid surprises later.


So many choices that you can’t decide on a FREE activity? You always have my ultimate go-to event: Go for a walk around your neighborhood.

With little effort you and your long term house guests can build lots of new memories together in the Bay Area without breaking your budget.

Fly Confident!