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How to Travel for Cheap Accommodations

clothes-exotic-travel-nabeelI had fun watching this Ted Talk “How to travel the world with almost no money”  It got me thinking that lodging is a big chunk of the holiday expenses.  Here are a few ways to save money.

If you are still in college, get to know more of your fellow students.  In addition to lifelong friendships, you could learn a lot about other states/provinces and other countries.  During the holidays, you could host a couple of your favorite friends with your parents’ permission.  Similarly, you could visit them in their home country during long holidays.  It is a win-win since everyone saves money and gets to know another culture as well.  I still have a fond memory of an early morning chase after escaped rabbits while staying with my English host family!

If you do not have friends at your next vacation destination, you can consider using Airbnb, and other highly rated vacation rental websites.  It is important to use a reputable rental website and always pay with your credit card.  Several rental owners have treated us like friends and included us in their Italian family meals and wine tasting.  For a short stay, hostels and YMCA hotels offers inexpensive accommodation.  Host exchanges are another possibility.  A really low cost accommodation is couchsurfing (“surf” on couch)  as a guest at a host’s home.  It’s like Airbnb for a couch instead of a room or apartment.   Other traditional ways to travel cheaply include hitch hiking and work in exchange for lodging.  Find out more about the hitch hiking safety tips in

To offset your holiday expenses, consider getting paid to travel with TripCompanion by taking travel companion jobs when you fly.  You can earn money as a senior travel companion or as a companion for a solo parent traveling with small children from airport to airport. Why not give it a try?

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