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Exciting Chance To Lead Yoga Practice At The Birthplace Of Yoga!

An Exciting Opportunity To Lead A Yoga Tour With Your Students!

Is it your dream to lead your students to practice yoga in India, the birthplace of Yoga? Or in other exotic locales like Oman or Sri Lanka? Not familiar with organizing or conducting a tour in those countries? We will produce the tour for you and provide publicity assistance too!

TripCompanion provides the tour, logistics including itinerary design, customer reservations, hotel bookings, providing a complete tour service. You choose from our menu of handcrafted, unique itineraries. Our in-house team and tour guides ensure smooth tour operations and great customer service. We strive to be one of the best travel tour companies.

You focus on promoting your yoga tour and bonding with your student group. We do the rest!

Our in-house team and trip leaders are well equipped with great operations and customer service. We strive to be one of the best travel tour companies.Team Work

You lead the yoga experience and look after your group as their tour leader. We take care of the travel and tour logistics, and sightseeing!

Our escorted tours are infused with local flavor. Get invited to a local family’s kitchen or enjoy one of our curated cultural shows.

Number of Days

We offer a selection of 7-13 day land tours, excluding international air travel time.  Day 1 begins at the arrival airport and the last day is at the departure airport.

A Professional travel companion can accompany you, whether on a one-way flight or for an entire vacation.

Yoga Practice

For an example, on an 8-day tour you will teach 5-7 yoga classes. We allocate 1.5-2 hours for meditation and yoga on class days. No class on super busy (sightseeing/traveling) days. The schedule will be finalized with you and can be customized.

Small group tour from one of best tour companies. We want to ensure all of our guests get plenty of attention from our guides.

Group Size

Minimum of 9 students.  Maximum 15 students.  You can request to reduce the maximum group size to ensure your students get even more attention from you and from the tour guide.

Teacher Incentives

‣  Ambassador fee for each tour participant

‣  Free tour for the teacher, based on sharing a room with a student

‣  Free air Fare between US and the destination city

Other Details:

‣  A minimum of 9 students must have fully paid for the tour 60 days before the departure day otherwise the tour will be canceled.

‣  Air Fare – International air fare is excluded from the tour price. Our team can assist tour participants with airline reservations.  Discounts may be available for group tickets.

‣  The yoga tour is designed for an experienced yoga teacher with at least 200-hour teacher credential.

‣  We will publicize your yoga tour on our website with your photo and your bio.

‣  Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions For Yoga Teachers.

‣  Contact us via REQUEST NOW or email for further discussions.