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How to Plan a Trip with a TripCompanion

How to plan a trip with a Trip CompanionSpring is here and it is time to plan for a summer trip for yourself or your parents. If you or your parents need assistance during the flight, then early planning is always advisable.  Remember these items for your to-do list.


1. For domestic flights, a valid photo ID such as your driver’s license.
2. For international flights, a passport valid more than 6 months beyond the departure date and a valid visa if required. Contact the appropriate embassy or consulate for details.
3. Publish your trip using the TripCompanion app with details such as

  • The tentative travel plan or confirmed flight itinerary
  • Is language assistance needed?
  • Other preferences like the gender of the travel companion, etc.
  • Special services needed, for example medication reminders
  • The companion fee that you are willing to offer

Tip: For a return journey, you should publish two separate trips. First trip for outbound and second trip for inbound since it is unlikely the same companion can assist you on both trips. E.g. a DEL – SFO trip and a SFO – DEL trip.
Tip: As soon as you have a tentative travel plan, then publish your trip as soon as possible to maximize your chances of finding a flight companion.

4. Once you have published your trip, TripCompanion will continuously search for matching flight companions for you. You will be notified via the app whenever matching flight companions become available.

5. Once you have some matches, then browse the candidates and compile a shortlist of those you wish to interview. Topics you should discuss include

  • Flight itinerary and preferred airlines
  • Any particular preferences or special needs
  • Companion’s travel experience
  • Companion fee that you are comfortable offering

6. You should review our Planner’s Terms of Use, the payment details and cancellation policy (available on our App under More section)
7. Offer the job to your selected travel companion
8. (Optional) Order a background check on the companion
9. Purchase your air tickets only after the companion has accepted the offer and passed the background check (if you have selected this option)
10. Contact the airline to reserve adjacent seats with your companion if this is desired
11. Let the airline know if a wheelchair will be needed at check-in
12. Upload your air ticket’s image using the TripCompanion app
13. Review the companion’s ticket image. Check for the same date, time, and flight number to verify you are all on the same flight
14. (Optional) Purchase travel insurance from your insurance company
15. Invite family and friends to your app’s chat group
16. Use the group chat to arrange the departure airport meeting place and time with your companion and your family
17. Use the group chat to arrange the meeting location with your greeting party at the destination airport
18. Arrange transportation to the departure airport

A simplified version of this article is available on our App under Resources section for your convenient!

Fly Confident!