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What are my yoga teacher incentives?

Yogi abundant: Ambassador fee for each tour participant. Visit exotic locations and spend time to bond with your students!

– No charge for your tour, based on sharing a twin sharing room with a participant of the same gender. Private room available at additional cost.

– Air flights included, TripCompanion will purchase your air ticket.

– Teacher receives an ambassador fee for each tour participant

– Canceled bookings do not count towards your Ambassador fee.


When and how will you pay me?

We process payments for yoga teachers 7 to 10 business days after the final day of your tour. Your payment will include the Ambassador fee minus any non-covered expenses.  We pay you by check or PayPal – your choice!

Note: We must have your current tax ID and US Post mailing address before we process your payment.


Do you pay for the teacher’s room and flights?

Yes, the yoga teacher will share a room with one of the students.  If you prefer a single occupancy room there will be an additional fee. Please let us know in advance if you want your own room.


What if I need to cancel the tour or am unable to lead the tour?

After you have signed an agreement to lead a yoga tour, you need to provide a written cancellation notice to us.  If the written notice is received after the Tour Confirmation Date, you must pay us liquidated damages of $2,000.


Am I responsible for filling my tour?

Yes, this is your yoga tour for your students, friends and your extended social media circles. You are responsible for marketing the tour and attracting guests.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to bond with your students and friends. They would love to travel and practice with you at the birthplace of yoga.


How do I organize my yoga tour?

Organizing your yoga tour is easy.

You choose from our menu of handcrafted, unique itineraries.

We will help you to select a tour date

We provide the tour logistics from itinerary design, customer reservations, hotel bookings, airport transfer, ground transportation and a complete guided tour service.

You focus on promoting your yoga tour to your students

We handle your students’ tour reservations and deal with all the nitty gritty logistics and details for your tour.

Contact us via REQUEST NOW or email for further discussions



How do I promote my yoga tour?

Don’t sweat! Use your communication strengths to share your yoga tour among your students and friends.

‣  We will provide a starter kit with the itinerary and photos for you to create beautiful flyers and social media posts.

‣  Your yoga tour will also be listed on our website and social media platform for even more exposure!


What if fewer than the minimum 9 guests sign up for my tour?

A tour is cancelled automatically if there are no guests 60 days prior to departure.

If there are less than 9 purchases 60 days prior to departure, we offer two options:

  1. Reduce the Ambassador fee, to allow the tour to proceed with less guests.
  2. Cancel the tour. All students receive a full refund.


I want to arrive early before my tour starts or stay on later after my tour ends.  Can you arrange that for me?

We’d like you and your students to make the most of the trip.  If you arrive there early, the distance and time difference makes communications between you and us and the students difficult in the important days before departure.  It is better for you to depart the USA together with the tour group.  Our recommendation is to stay on later after your tour if desired.

Subject to availability, we can assist with early/late airport transfers, pre-trip and post-trip hotel accommodations or private car with driver. Please discuss any special requirements or add-ons with us as early as possible.


What are my responsibilities apart from yoga practice?

In addition to the yoga sessions, you are also the tour leader leading your group throughout the trip.

We assign English speaking tour guides and a driver to your tour.  They take care of the sightseeing and travel so you can enjoy the tourist attractions with the group.  We find that a trip is more successful when the tour leader (you) are involved and present.  While leading your group, be proactive about making your students (your guests) feel comfortable and cared for.  Remind them about the scheduled activities/meals and share our travel tips so they don’t accidentally miss any events.  You should reach out to the hotel, venue, your local guide and driver with any concerns so everyone has a comfortable experience.

If any concerns are not resolved, our team (India and USA) is available to assist.  Depending on your tour itinerary and the number of yoga classes, you may or may not have significant free time for yourself during the tour.


How much time do I spend teaching yoga?

For most tour days, our itinerary allocates 1.5 – 2 hours for meditation and yoga class and additional time for clean-up before the next tour activity.  On some days, due to travel time or a packed schedule of activities, there will not be any yoga class. We will work with you on the yoga class schedule and the tour itinerary.  We will coordinate with the tour guide, driver and the class venue in advance.

Some teachers may offer their students open “office hours” to help them work on specific areas. While other teachers opt for stricter scheduled yoga sessions, to allow more time for extra activities or free time during the tour.  You decide what is best for your group of students and yourself.


Can I customize my tour itinerary?

We handcraft our tour itineraries based on our travel industry experience, taking into account the travelers’ interests, driving time and availability of each venue.  If you are interested in visiting other destinations that are not in our standard itineraries, we recommend you take advantage of our tailor-made and cost-effective add-ons to extend your trip after the tour. If you have specific requests, contact us as soon as possible and we may be able to accommodate your request.


What if I run into problems while on a tour?

Our team strives to provide you and your students the best possible experience.  Should you run into any problems while on your trip, as the tour leader, please speak with the relevant party (hotel, your local guide, driver, restaurant or venue) immediately to address any issues or questions in person.  If your issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner, please contact our India staff for further assistance. We will address your concerns as quickly as possible.


I want to bring my family, boyfriend/girlfriend, children, or friend on my yoga tour.  Can they get a discount?

Unfortunately, no. They need to book as a regular guest.  We do not offer any discounts beyond the early bird discount.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, it is recommended that yoga teachers and tour guests purchase travel insurance.  Travel insurance is an important way to protect your investment in a Yoga Tour.  Depending upon the plan you purchase, the travel insurance can cover trip cancellation, travel and medical emergencies, and the loss or theft of your personal gear.


Do I need yoga teacher insurance?

Yes, it is required that you have a valid and current yoga teacher insurance.


When is the last day a student or a guest can book my yoga tour?

Students and guests can book your tour up to 14 days prior to the departure date.  Note: The tour may be sold out earlier than 14 days due to limited accommodations or other availability.


I need to cancel my trip. What should I do?

If you need to cancel your trip, contact us via e-mail immediately to let us know.

If your tour does not have a minimum of 9 fully paid students 60 days before the departure day, your tour will be canceled.

It’s rare for a teacher to cancel their yoga tour that already meets our departure criteria.  In order for us to best serve our community (you, your students/guests), please do not announce any tour cancellation to your students/guests until you have discussed it with us first.  In some cases, we may be able to work out alternate arrangements (for example, a substitute yoga teacher/tour leader) and we will work with you to organize that.


Please note that in the event of a teacher canceling their yoga tour:

‣ If your written notice is received after the tour confirmation date you must pay to us liquidated damages of $2,000.

‣  The teacher cancelation also causes all students/guests to be subject to our cancellation policy as we have already incurred expenses for the tour.


My student canceled. Will I still receive my ambassador fee for their booking?

The ambassador fee is dependent on the number of students/guests who actually travel with the tour. The yoga teacher will not receive the fee for guests who cancel early or cancel late.


Can a booking be transferred to a new guest to save on the cancellation penalty?

This is not recommended as reservations have already been made with their name and passport information.  We only allow a guest to transfer their reservation to a new guest under very specific circumstances. There are three conditions that must all be met in order for a guest to qualify for a reservation transfer:

1) The original guest forfeits the costs of any non-transferable itinerary reservations and also incurs a rebooking fee for each specific itinerary.

2) New itinerary reservations are available for the new student.  Some transport and accommodations may be sold out closer to the departure date.

3)The transfer request must be submitted to us at least 14 days before departure date.

If your guest agrees with the conditions for a transfer, please ask your booked guest and the new guest to submit a request to us immediately. Once they email us, we’ll work diligently with them to make the transfer, if possible.


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