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Expectations of An Air Trip Companion

Travel Companion Duties

What does TripCompanion expect from its air trip companions?

  • Honesty in your description of your upcoming trip and proposed services for a traveler.
  • Identification verification. When you sign up to become an air travel companion, you must confirm that you are eligible to fly internationally. You should upload a clear photo of yourself and enter your name in the TripCompanion app. When you publish your trip, the app will connect to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to provide us your number of connections and timelines.

What do travelers expect of an air trip companion?

All travelers (seniors and others) expect to be treated with respect and expect honest, accurate advice from their air trip companions.

Standard fee companion (suggested fee $100 to $200)
At this level of service, a companion, who is not sitting side by side with their traveler, should expect to provide this kind of assistance in a friendly and patient manner:

  • Meet your assigned traveler(s) on time just after they check in their own luggage.
  • You should show the traveler and the family your boarding pass, travel documents, and identification, which could be your passport or driver license. They can confirm that your photo and name match your TripCompanion information before you start your journey together.
  • Confirm with the family about the traveler’s needs and say goodbye to the traveler’s family at airport security.
  • Indicate that the trip is started on the TripCompanion app.
  • Escort the traveler through security.
  • You show how to prepare for the security check or let the traveler know whether or not to remove their shoes and so on.
  • Before boarding the aircraft, give advice based on what the traveler brings for the flight.
  • You might notice that the traveler did not bring a water bottle or snacks, so you might suggest where in the airport they can get water or a suitable snack.
  • After boarding the aircraft give advice/translation to select a meal and help them get set up in their seat.
  • Do a mid-flight check-in.
  • You visit the traveler at his or her seat to make sure that everything is fine.
  • Help the traveler fill in the disembarkation form.
  • Give assistance at baggage claim.
  • Escort or monitoring through immigration and customs.
  • Say good-bye after successfully meeting the person who meets the traveler at the destination airport.
  • Indicate that the trip is complete on the TripCompanion app.

Plus service companion (suggested fee $150 and up)
At this level of service, a companion would handle the standard duties listed above plus:

  • Sit side by side
  • Play games or make sure person is entertained or calmed
  • Help the traveler select a show to watch on a personal entertainment screen
  • Remind the senior to take medicine
  • Note: Trip companions do not dispense or administer medications. They can only remind a senior traveler that it is time to take their medication.
  • Do seated exercises together several times to encourage blood circulation
  • (Idea to differentiate your travel services and make extra money) Offer instruction for one or two hours in one of these kinds of subjects: language of the destination country, pencil drawing, history, how to play chess, or another quiet activity

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