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Companions – How to Get Started

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Become a flight companion and earn extra money while traveling

Interested in helping fellow international travelers who need light assistance?

  • Become travel companions for seniors to earn extra money while travelingDo you enjoy helping people, especially seniors?
  • Are you interested in helping families traveling with young children?
  • Do you travel for work or pleasure?
  • Do you speak more than one language?

If so, you could qualify to be an air trip companion with Our peer-to-peer matching exchange will connect you with a senior traveler or parent with children to make their journey comfortable. You can reduce your travel costs while doing something good for others.

As a paid air travel companion, you should expect to perform these types of tasks:

Trip companions are paid $24 – $300 per trip depending on factors such as length of flight and the level of assistance provided. Air travel companion is also known as flight companion and travel companion.

Start now by creating a profile here.

We’ll verify your email address. The traveler may request a background check on you, at their expense. We will inform you if such a request is made.

Note: The background check will be performed by Backgrounds Online (or another reputable third party provider) with your permission. We will not retain nor share your background check report and other information that you provided to the third party service provider. Please see our  Flight Companion’s Terms of Use for more detail.

We’ll also ask you to follow our TripCompanion service guidelines to prepare for your trip.

We’re here to support you every step of the way!