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Companion Pre-flight Checklist

Companion Pre-flight Checklist

1. Check-in online and select your seat in advance if available
2. For international flight, arrive at least 2.5 hours ahead of departure time
3. For domestic flight, arrive at least 1.5 hours ahead of departure time
4. Meet your traveler at the appointed location and time

5. Verify each other’s photo ID.  Note: Do not give anyone your documents
6. On the TripCompanion app, set the trip status to ‘Start Trip’ so everyone in the chat group will be notified.
7. Check in with the airline to receive your boarding pass (if you don’t already have one). Request an adjacent seat with your traveler if you want. Drop off your luggage and keep your carry-on bag with you.
Note: For your security, you should personally check-in your own luggage separately from the traveler. You need not assist the traveler at check-in
8. Confer with the traveler if s/he needs a wheelchair or electric cart that are available in some airports. You can inquire as to what additional assistance they have requested, to be aware of the total situation. Accompany the traveler and the wheelchair attendant to the security screening line
Licensing considerations: You should not provide medical assistance or wheelchair service. If the traveler or primary caregiver gives you a list of medical reminders for the trip, provide a gentle prompt at the appointed times. Do NOT dispense any kind of medication

9. Confirm any special requests before the family leaves
10. Find your gate, remind or assist your traveler according to your assignment
• If you want to sit side by side with the traveler and you were unable to get seats next to each other, now is the time to ask the gate agent if a change can be made
• Ask the gate agent for priority boarding if the traveler has difficulty waiting in line
• Do any last minute shopping for snacks or a magazine
• Fill your bottle with water
• Visit the bathrooms
11. Update everyone with a chat group message when you are waiting at the gate and after boarding the aircraft, if possible
12. Board the aircraft together when your or the traveler’s priority boarding, zone or row is called
13. Remember that the travelers may be unaccustomed to flying or perhaps it may be their first or second time flying, so your experience with airports and flights will help make their journey more pleasant and enjoyable

Note: You are a kind-hearted, fellow traveler. You are not expected to provide medical or professional services. You do not accompany minors or under-age travelers. You do not provide pick up or drop off services. If medical assistance is needed, let the airline or airport employees know immediately. Remember to follow our Service Quality Guidelines!

Fly Confident!